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Finding The Best Divorce Lawyers

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Divorce is extremely common and due to this, there are countless divorce lawyers that are hoping to increase their clientele. With that said, they are not all the same. There can be major differences when it comes to the level of service that they provide as well as the results that they usually get their clients. Read on to learn exactly what you need to look for when looking to hire the best lawyer available.

Folders with the label Divorce and LawyerHiring a quality divorce lawyer that has a high level of experience and success will be very expensive, but the results that they get their clients usually more than pay for that expense. It is important to remember that the results seen at the end of the divorce can have an impact for the rest of a lifetime, depending on the specific circumstances.

First, when embarking on a search for a great lawyer, it is best to ask those that have been through the same experience. They should be able to give recommendations based on the outcomes they had. Not only can they say which lawyers are great, they can also advise which lawyers you will want to stay away from. This is an ideal way to find a great divorce lawyer because the recommendations received will be personal and detailed.


After getting recommendations it is best to take some time and do thorough research on the lawyer’s general reputation. There are a number of sources available online that allow previous clients to review lawyers and give detailed information as to why they feel the way that they do. While there will always be a disgruntled client here and there, the key is to find what the general consensus is in regards to how the lawyer does business. There is no guarantee when it comes to divorce court, so look for topics that address the lawyer’s attention to detail, how fast the got back to their clients and the overall impression of the effort that they lawyer put into their client’s case.

Finally, it is essential to meet with at least three lawyers to determine whether or not they will be a good fit for the case. Ask a lot of questions and take some time to evaluate how interested they seem to be in the specifics of the case. Also evaluate their personality. It is important that they are easy to communicate with and at the same time are strong and assertive. It takes a certain personality to win cases in the courtroom. They should both be courteous and firm.

After meeting with the lawyers take some time to think it over. This is not a decision to rush into to. Consider which lawyer really seems like they will be able to get the job done and will put in the effort necessary to win the case.


Above were the main things to look for when finding an experienced and successful divorce lawyers. As long as a good effort is put in the task should reap the results that are wanted.






What To Look For When Hiring A Divorce Attorney


Divorce is never a pleasant topic to bring up, and depending on the couple, it can be a very sad ending to a marriage. However, if you are planning to dissolve your marriage, it is important to meet with a divorce attorney. You should schedule consultations with several attorneys in your area. These consultations are almost always free, and it is during this time you will be able to ask each attorney specific questions to determine if they will be able to assist you.

lawyer2One of the first things that you should look for is an attorney who will believe your side of the story. When you are meeting with the attorney for the first time, do you get a sense that he or she believes your reasons for why you are getting divorced? Does the attorney agree with the outcome you are looking for after the divorce has been finalized?

You want to be certain that the divorce lawyer you eventually hire is totally dedicated to your case, and will fight for what your rights so you can have a favorable outcome.

You want to be sure that you can ask your lawyer difficult questions. For example, is there a certain piece of property or asset that you want to retain possession of? Can that asset be protected? Will you be able to get spousal support?


Ask your lawyer if he or she thinks that your requests are possible. Gauge their answers, and compare the answers with the answers you have received from other lawyers in the area. If you get the sense that a lawyer is only giving you the answers you want to hear, cross that lawyer off of your short list.

Although every lawyer was inexperienced in the beginning of their careers, you do not want to choose a lawyer that has limited experience. Read online reviews from past clients and check to see if the lawyer has been ranked by any clients.


You will also want to ask the lawyer if he or she has represented clients who have had cases that are similar to yours. If so, inquire about the outcome of the case. Be sure that the lawyer is knowledgeable about the divorce laws in the state where you reside.

Finally, the lawyer should also be concerned about your life after divorce. For example, the lawyer should be able to help you with financial issues, child custody and other issues that may arise.

You do not want a lawyer with a wait and see attitude. The lawyer you hire should act on your behalf, and not simply react to requests and demands that are made from the other side. Find out if the lawyer you are considering is well respected among their professional peers. Is the attorney known as a legal representative that controls a situation instead of reacting to a situation?

A divorce attorney with experience should be able to answer your questions and address your concerns without becoming infuriated or irritated that you are contacting them. Instead, you want a legal representative who will understand your issues, and help prepare you for a new start.



Information On Filing For Divorce In Texas


Filing for a divorce in Texas is a fairly straightforward process. In order to file, at least one of the parties involved in the case needs to have been a resident of the state for a minimum of six months.

divorce lawyers custody signThe process starts when one spouse files a petition for divorce with the court. After the petition has been filed, the other spouse is served with the divorce papers to review and sign. The spouse who is served with papers usually has 20 days to respond by filing a document with the court that is called an Answer.

At the same time that they file the divorce petition, the spouse who is filing for the divorce can request a temporary restraining order to be issued. This restraining order is designed to prevent any property or assets from vanishing before the court has a chance to divide them. It also ensures that both parties in the divorce don’t engage in harassing or threatening behavior.

Sometimes, one or both of the spouses may feel that they don’t have all of the information from the other person that they need. When this happens, they participate in a process called discovery. This process allows for the exchange of information between the two parties.

Ideally, the spouses involved in the case will be able to reach an agreement on the division of property, custody, and any other issues on their own or with the help of their lawyers. If they are able to agree, they will prepare and file a document known as an Agreed Decree of Divorce. This document outlines all of the details of their agreement and is signed by the two parties, their lawyers, and the judge. Unfortunately, sometimes the spouses are not able to reach an agreement and the case has to go to trial.



Mediation occurs before the trial giving the spouses a chance to work with an independent mediator to try to solve their differences. If mediation is not successful, the case moves on to trial. When the trial is over, a document outlining the rulings of the court and any relevant information called the Final Decree of Divorce is signed by the judge. Both parties must adhere to the decisions of the court.

In Texas, it is not necessary to state a reason for the divorce. These cases are called “no-fault” divorces. Typically, the property is divided equally between the two parties. If, however, one person caused the rift in the marriage through infidelity, incarceration, or any number of other actions, the court may consider that fact when deciding how to divide the property.

Filing for divorce in Texas usually is a fairly straightforward process. In order for the divorce to be considered final, the Final Decree of Divorce must be signed. Depending on whether or not the couple agrees on how things should be divided, the process can take anywhere from about six months to more than a year to complete.



Things To Consider Before You Get A Divorce In NC


Before you consider divorce in NC, there are several steps that you must complete. There are some factors that are specific to the divorce laws in the state of North Carolina, but a few of these factors are also applicable in other states as well. You will need to be sure that you have prepared yourself before the legal process begins so you will feel good about the choices you make.

Speak With A Marriage Counselor Before You File For Divorce

Attorney Word On Keyboard Key, Notebook ComputerAlthough you may have already decided that your marriage cannot be saved, it is still a good idea to meet with a counselor. The counselor will work with you so you can find out what went wrong, the best way to cope with the divorce and how to move on after the divorce.

You do not have to visit the counselor with your spouse. Be sure to find a counselor that is qualified. Ask for referrals or search online for professional and licensed counselors in your area.

Consult With An Attorney

Even if you do not want to hire an attorney for your divorce in NC, it is still a good idea to consult with one in order to get as much as information as possible. You can speak with the attorney about your specific case.

There are a lot of things that you should know about the divorce laws in North Carolina. The laws are complex and it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by these laws. This can prove to be an even more challenging for a family that is distressed.



The actions you take in the beginning of the process can affect the outcome of the divorce and you need to know what options you have ahead of time. Find a divorce attorney that is knowledgeable about the complexities of North Carolina divorce law.

You should not make any sudden decisions such as moving out of the marital home without speaking with your attorney first. If you leave the house without a valid reason, you may have to pay alimony. On the other hand, if you leave the house, it may also void your ability to collect alimony. Also, you may also be unable to come back to the home until the divorce is finalized.

Stay in the home until you speak with an attorney unless your spouse has become violent. In this type of situation, you must do whatever you can in order to stay safe.

If you have had an extramarital affair, consult with an attorney before you tell anyone else including your spouse. Adultery is not only illegal in North Carolina. You may have to pay thousands of dollars in alimony if your spouse is considered a candidate.

A claimant is not required to show proof that the other spouse has had an affair in order to be awarded alimony or support. The statute allows the judge to consider the evidence in order to determine the amount of alimony or support to be awarded.

Understanding the process of divorce in NC is important to understand your rights are protected during court proceedings. Consult with an attorney to learn what your options are.